New Improved formula


Probiotic Natural Biostimulant EC Fertiliser For Foliar Applications and Fertigation

Developed From a Concentrate of 100% Natural L Amino Acids Through Enzymatic Hydrolysis and Natural Plant Antifreeze

Antifrost Max releases and reinforces different reactions in the plant’s metabolism. Its mode of action has a similar to effect to that of plant hormones and natural regulators. It has the ability to increase resistance of crops and plants to cold and frost injuries and biotic and a biotic stresses. Can be used to prevent plant injuries as well as cure them after. Contains necessary amino acids and enzymes for plants to use to produce their own AFP (Anti Freeze Proteins)                             

Application:  Apply in general when the crop is most active at transplanting, flowering, formation and ripening of fruit and stressful situations. Dilute with water in 1:200 ratios and spray fine mist all over the plants and crops until run off. For drip irrigation recommended 5 kg/ha

Compatibility: In principle Antiheat Max should not be mixed with herbicides whose mode of action is to disrupt the amino-acid chain. When applying by fertigation do not mix with Nitric Acid. Never add directly in to a crop sprayer tank, always premix thoroughly and add when the sprayer is 80% full.


Total Nitrogen                   :                               0.01                        %m/m

Thiobacillus Ssp.               :                               107                          cm3       

Alanine (Total)                  :                               0.503                     %m/m 

Arginine (Total)                 :                               0.277                     %m/m

Aspartic (Total)                 :                               0.244                     %m/m

Cystine (Total)                   :                               0.081                     %m/m

Glutamic (Total)                :                               0.465                     %m/m

Glycine (Total)                   :                               1.249                     %m/m

Histidine (Total)               :                               0.028                     %m/m

Iso-Leucine (Total)          :                               0.065                     %m/m

Lysine (Total)                     :                               0.134                     %m/m

Methionine (Total)          :                               0.034                     %m/m

Phenylalanine (Total)     :                               0.088                     %m/m

Proline (Total)                   :                               0.675                     %m/m

Serine (Total)                     :                               0.052                     %m/m

Threonine (Total)             :                               0.035                     %m/m

Tyrosine (Total)                :                               0.005                     %m/m

Valine (Total)                     :                               0.113                     %m/m

Tryptophan                        :                               0.0005                   %m/m