The Company

Cropaid International Limited is formed in 2005 and based in the United Kingdom which is the only manufacturer for the award winning Cropaid Natural Plant Antifreeze products in the World. Currently distributes throughout to World over 18 countries.

Cropaid International Limited is an award winning and the only manufacturer of the Cropaid Natural Plant Antifreeze products in the World. 

Our History

Our company was officially formed in 2005 and has been going from strength to strength since. Our award winning product Cropaid Natural Plant Antifreeze produced in an artificial environment which mimic the natures secret formula within the controlled environment of our own manufacturing facilities in the U.K.

Cropaid won the Technical Excellence Award at the Four Oaks International exhibition presented by Horticulture Week magazine and The Best New Grower Product Finalist Award at The Southern Growers Show. Then Cropaid recently won the prestigious Technical Product of The Year Award at Grower of The Year Awards 2007 and Most Successful New Business 2007 Award of Business Without Borders Awards at Bedfordshire University on the 6Th June 2007.Within six months of launching some of the most established distributors in the UK have taken the product on board and as a result of attending Hortifair in Amsterdam, IPM Essen in 2006, Cropaid has started to export to various European countries and the rest of the World. Following an overwhelming interest, many successful trials are being conducted by growers and potential distributors throughout the world.

Our new manufacturing facilities are based in the UK and we are working together with UK authorities and reputable partners to ensure we do not compromise from quality, and offer always a better service.


Our aim is to provide horticultural products to the world that are of a high quality and consistently produced,   which will help to improve production, save energy and environment and reduce costs of manufacturing.

Our aim is also to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions for the glasshouse growers.  Also, to help the environment and prevent growers from suffering huge losses due to the cold and frost injuries.

There are several ways of protecting crops from cold, frost and heat damage, however, nothing compares with our unique products that will change the course of agriculture throughout the world forever.